A fundamental rule to ensure that your wedding is perfect is the choice of Catering for your wedding day. Deciding on an accurate menu, suited to your tastes and the type of reception desired, will facilitate the success of your “day”.

There are various possibilities:

  • You can opt for a welcome drink and lunch (or dinner) sitting at the table. The aperitif can consist of a review of traditional local recipes or nice finger food preparations. All of course combined with excellent wines, tasty cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks for your friends. As for lunch (or dinner), you could enrich the range of the appetizer, then choosing only a first course, a side dish and a sorbet or start the menu with a light appetizer, followed by 1/2 first, two seconds and a sorbet.
  • Other interesting hypothesis, if you do not like the classic lunch at the table, it could be that of a wedding reception buffet or with thematic islands. For example with islands where you can taste typical regional products or taste exotic dishes with special flavors.

Naturally all this will result in different prices. The type of wines, the choice of fittings and the place itself will greatly influence the overall cost.

We therefore recommend:

  • to choose the catering after confirming the location, because in many of them, there is the exclusive and therefore there is no possibility to bring the catering you have chosen.
  • search in particular to choose a catering in the place where you live, you will avoid paying a lot of extra costs for transport.
  • 1 waiter for every 10 guests, will be the right number to have an excellent table service.
  • control the timing between one course and another, so that your guests do not get bored.(dinner at table should not be longer than 90 minutes).
  • information among your guests if someone is intolerant or allergic to some specific food, in order to avoid unpleasant problems.