Cost of Getting Married in Capri – What budget needed for Wedding in Capri

Cost of a marriage in Capri - Italy

If you decide to crown your dream on the Island of Capri we are here to answer all your questions …

Prices to reach the Island of Capri

It would seem exaggerated but also the way to get there can affect the final budget of each bride … just think that the cost per person per route varies depending on the company chosen.
(18,00 euro min 20,50 euro max)

Wedding in Capri

Although it is small as an island, it is necessary to take advantage of transport services (funicular taxi and bus) 2 euro bus and funicular per way per person and taxi min 20 Max 30 euro.

Cost of wedding guests on the Island of Capri

You can think of making your guests’ stay even more enjoyable by organizing tours of the island by land and by sea.
Another influential point on the budget is the stay of the guests who must stay on the island for a minimum of 2 nights, then choose the bride and groom, whether to take charge of all this expense or leave it to the guests.
On the island there is a wide choice of accommodation ranging from B&B, holiday homes and apartments and villas (which are also our management) and prices vary according to the season from a minimum of 80 euro to a maximum of 120 euro double per night, then villas with pools and hotels up to 5 stars luxury.

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