Now that you have chosen the location, confirmed the catering and decided to set up the tables, it’s time to think about how to entertain your guests, so that they spend pleasant moments in total relaxation and fun.

We have some tips for you:

  • Very nice are the FOOD TRUCK, known especially in America (typical is the ice cream cart).
  • WEDDING BAR, small nooks where snacks, drinks, cupcakes or popcorn will be offered.
  • GUEST BOOK, your guests can leave small dedications or messages for you bride and groom in bottles or jars, so you will have the opportunity to read them again after some time.
  • Teatrical animation
  • Sketch comedians, this is mostly a show in close contact with the public.
  • Street artists, jugglers, stilts, fire shows, magic will surely enchant your guests.
  • SPY, you can provide your guests with a disposable camera, so as to “spy” the funniest moments of your wedding.
  • LIVE GUEST BOOK, always with the use of a polaroid, your friends can take pictures during the wedding or you can create a small corner with photos, highlighting the moments lived with them.

These are just some of the many ideas we have, to make sure you can spend the best day of your life !!