The lapping of the waves cradles your vows, the sunset warms up your hearts and gives a magical touch to your most important “I do”. Meanwhile the rocks – just like silver wedges – become silent witnesses of true love reaching its apex. This is what you are thinking about: the most beautiful wedding locations in Capri.

And who could blame you? The island’s beauty exudes from its every corner. However, after the euphoria, you have to get back to reality. What do we mean? You have to think about your spending budget for planning the wedding. Don’t be afraid, you can get married in Capri on basically any budget. And here is the key question: what is the price for a wedding in Capri?

That depends on the type of ceremony you are thinking about and the number of guests. Anyway, we suggest to entrust a local wedding planner (there are two of us) who will help you organize the wedding.

The major factors influencing the price for a wedding in Capri are: the trip to reach the location, local transportation, accommodations for the guests and all the expenses strictly related to the event. Therefore, how much does a wedding in Capri cost? Let’s get into it.

What is the price for a wedding in Capri or Anacapri with civil ceremony?

Here we go again: what is the price for a wedding in Capri with civil or symbolic ceremony? Let’s answer that right away: fees start from €350 for weddings to be celebrated during working hours (which can be found inside the Capri municipal Hall in the Piazzetta).

Price can go up to €500 for ceremonies which also take place inside the boarding chamber yet outside of working hours. The amount, on the other hand, goes up if you want to get married in Capri outside: we’re talking flowering terraces, historic villas and belvederes owned by the municipality. In this case, price would be €1500. For more details, you can take a look at civil union fees established by the Comune of Capri.

And how much does it cost to get married in Anacapri, the Comune at the foothill of Mount Solaro? For weddings to be celebrated in the garden surrounding the municipal Hall or in the Council chamber, base price is €200 during working days and within office hours and can go up to €300 for the weekends and outside office hours.

On the other hand, price would be €400 for holidays and days before a holiday. Moreover, that amount goes up if you want to get married in Anacapri outside: you’ll have to pay €500 to exchange your vows in one of the Belvederes right above the sea or in one of the fragrant plant groves. For all the information and prices, you can take a look at this page from the Comune di Anacapri’s website.

Price for a religous wedding in Capri

If you prefer to skip the civil ceremony, you can choose to get married in Capri in a church. This is an excellent choice as well. The island is peppered with big and small religious buildings, some facing the sea. What is a process to celebrate a religious ceremony?

First of all, the groom and bride to be must get in touch – with no mediators – with the parish priest and the curia. Besides, those who are not part of the Italian Diocese are required to submit a letter of intent to the local community vicar along with all the needed documentation.

The curia will review the application and, within a month after receiving it, will inform couple about its decision. What is the prize to get married in Capri in a church? The celebration is free but the newlywed couple can make a donation.

What about the price for a symbolic wedding?

A symbolic wedding in Capri has no legal value. It is a ceremony taking place before or after the official union. In this case, you can choose the location you prefer and also those used for civil weddings and more unconventional ones.

For instance, you can choose a lemon grove or a beach. You can also get married in Capri on a boat (with the sea stacks as guest witnesses), or in private villa or on a hotel terrace.

Talking about that, how much does a wedding in a Capri hotel cost? Fees vary from €1500-€2000. Sometimes, the amount can be quite high. The kind of hotel chosen and its star rating can greatly influence the price.

What is the price for a wedding in Capri: the guests

This is another crucial aspect to consider if you want to plan a wedding in Capri: you have to price in all the expenses for the guests’ stay. Usually, guests will stay on the island for two nights at least. You need to ask how many guests are you going to have? Are you thinking a high number or you just want to accommodate your closest relatives?

In other words, do you want to offer a stay in a hotel to everyone or just your family? Once you make a decision about that, you can think about selecting the most interesting hotels for you: you can choose from five-star luxury hotels, B&Bs, holiday homes, apartments and small villas, some of which are directly managed by us.

What is the price to accommodate the guests for a wedding in Capri?

Prices vary based on the season and start from a minimum of €80 per night to a maximum of €120 per night for a double room. Alternatively, you can have your guests pay for their stay in one of the hotels in Capri, providing them with a list for all the hotels on the island.

I know what you are thinking: “What are our friends and family going to do while we take care of the last details to set up the wedding?”. There is no need to panic. Capri is perfect to entertain the guests, with boat rides and long walks to discover all the natural and historical beauties on the island. Don’t worry, finding something to do in Capri will not be an issue.

Prices to get to Capri

As you may have guessed, the question “How much does a wedding in Capri cost?” requires a wide-ranging answer. Besides the fees for the civil, religious and/or symbolic ceremony, you also have to budget in the costs for the guests’ accommodation and the price to reach Capri.

The trip to the blue Island can definitely be a weighty factor in your wedding budget. Motorboat tickets in Capri start from €18 per person up to €20.50 per person per section.

How to move around in Capri

Besides these fees, you will have to add the expenses to move around in Capri. The bus ticket is €2.50 if bought on board and €2 at the ticket booth. Taxi prices ranges from €20-€30.

What is the price for a wedding in Capri? We will help you establish an optimal budget

In this article, we provided you with some guidelines in order to give you a ballpark estimate of the price for a wedding in Capri. Don’t let the high prices scare you. Why? If you decide to choose a wedding planner in Capri you will have one very important guarantee: deciding on a budget will be easier because we know the territory and the local professionals. For more information, please contact us.