Wedding Place Cards are a small detail that will make the difference of your wedding banquet, is a means to amaze your guests, until recently was not much considered, and was reduced to a simple ticket with the name of the guests and often provided by the restaurant.

Today, however, we tend to customize more and more this particular based on the theme and style of marriage, and we are here to give you the most appropriate advice that are right for you!

First they must be associated with the tableau marriage, recall the same theme , and depending on the season and location we will give you the best advice to ensure that your guests are surprised! for the autumn seasons it would be nice to make placeholders using seasonal fruit, it is very much oda to use edible placeholders as well of sweets to sweeten the palates of your guests, or for a rustic theme it would be nice to use twigs or arboreal plants, or the same elements of the bouquet sposa.

If the writing of the noni would be nice to use the strict graphics of the participations, often we have also recommended to use a placeholder-gift, original placeholders that the guests take away as a gift, in this way we catch two birds with one stone! “DIY favors”!

In short, we at CapriMyDay have the most original ideas that fit every request … do not hesitate to contact us.