To ensure that everything runs smoothly at the arrival of guests at the reception, we have our infallible TABLEAU MARRIAGE, a sort of map of the reception room that has the task of indicating to your guests where to position themselves and with whom to share the table of CapriMyDay, we are here to suggest where to place it, we generally prefer to set it up in the aperitif area so that guests waiting for the arrival of the couple, have plenty of time to study where to settle.

The important thing however is that the tableau marriage must be in line with the theme and the colors chosen for your wedding and we help you to follow the common thread that must also reflect the location chosen.

For example if you have chosen a location in the middle of nature you could give your plates the names of the flowers, if instead you choose to get married in a fairy-tale period residence, you could give the tables the name of the favorite novels, if the fil rouge of your wedding is the theme of travel It would be nice to create a tableau marriage with an old suitcase and give the tables the name of the various places that you will visit on your honeymoon.

In short, it will be the initial impact that you will give your guests and the more original it will be.