So you decided you want your love to be everlasting. You want to seal the feelings that bring you together with a “I do”, and your heart already knows the destination, the ideal backdrop celebrate your marriage: Capri.

The island beloved by poets, artists and authors, enchanting with its natural and historical beauty. Just like that, rock-clad and embraced by the sea, it becomes a natural altar where you can exchange your rings. But where to marry in Capri with symbolic and civil ceremont? 

We want to help you shedding light on your every concern. We know the island very well; we live it every day through our work as wedding planners. This is why we have put together a short list for you with all the best marriage locations in Capri, so you can take notes and start daydreaming.


Organizing a marriage in Capri: Villa Lysis, Temple of love

Marriage locations in Capri

Among the things to see in Capri we must certainly mention Villa Lysis, a residence consecrated by love and built by Count Jacques d’Adelswärd-Fersen. It is a liberty-style villa designed by architect Edouard Chimont in the early 1900s with Gothic and neoclassical influences.

These features make Villa Lysis one of the most evocative locations for getting married in Capri. Spread over three floors, it majestically stands out on Mount Tiberio and it is surrounded by a flower garden and a small, circular Temple.

The colonnade welcomes you, along with its golden elements and the architrave with the Latin incision “Amori et dolori sacrum”, sacred place of love and sorrow.

Organizing a marriage in Villa Lysis, Capri is synonymous with refinement, solemnity and an ode everlasting beauty. You will be the protagonists of a fairytale event in front of a unique panorama: the town of Marina Grande and the Gulf of Naples where your gaze will get lost in the blue. You will feel like you are in a fairytale, as you seal your vows in a place that is designed to exalt love in all its nuances.

If you want to know how to get married in Capri at Villa Lysis with symbolic or civil rite, you can take a look at the Comune di Capri website. We will take care of everything else. We will set up all the details and make your special day an unforgettable moment.

Celebrate and marriage at Augustus Gardens among the flowers in Capri

August's Garden Marriage locations in Capri

Here we have another marriage locations in Capri: Augustus Gardens.Flower ledges directly over the sea just a few steps from Hotel Quisisana and the Piazzetta.

Here, you can get married right next to the Sea Stacks with your eyes lost in the sea and embraced by the smell of the island’s flowers. Their essence will guide your steps towards the fateful “yes” and will help creating a colorful ambience for your wedding in Capri. Pine trees, junipers, palm trees and holm oaks will be the silent witnesses of your passage.

This oasis of peace was created by the German tycoon Alfred Krupp in the early 900s along with the nearby Krupp Street, a street sculpted in the rock of the mountain that goes up to Marina Piccola.

Wedding in Capri, Krupp street Marriage locations in Capri

This one of the most beautiful places in Capri, also for the open landscape with the Certosa di San Giacomo Valley, the above-mentioned Sea Stacks and Krupp Street, Mount Tuoro, Mount Tiberio and Mount San Michele.

But you want more, right? You want to know all the places where you can get married in Capri. This place is a mosaic of wonders, and it’s hard to resist once you discover them all.

Getting married in Anacapri with a view on the sea: Punta Carena Lighthouse

Marriage location wedding capri Lighthouse

Let’s get married in Anacapri, the high part of the island at the foot of Mount Solaro. Here, you can celebrate a civil ceremony overlooking the sea. Where? At the Punta Carena Lighthouse, a seaside resort nested between the rocks. Our recommendation: start the ceremony at sunset. Why? Let us explain right away.

Close your eyes and let your imagination run wild: you are holding hands with the Mediterranean Sea in front of you, the sun rays color the waters and the rocks in gold, as a light breeze strokes your face.

In the meantime, the waves lapping on the shore sing their personal nuptial hymn for you. Did we manage to make you breathe in the soul of this place? Sometimes, words are simply not enough: in this marriage location in Capri, reality is better than fiction.

It’s no coincidence that Giovanna Battaglia (former model and currently world-renowned stylist) actually got married at Punta Carena Lighthouse in Anacapri. To find out more, you can read this article from La Repubblica. 

There are three marriage locations in Punta Carena Lighthouse: the Dreamers’ Belvedere where you can get a glimpse of the sea stacks, nearby the old Fort right next to the sea and at the Resort – Restaurant Lido del Faro, the ideal venue to organize a wedding reception with many guests.

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Migliera Belvedere: wedding in the heart of nature

Marriage wedding location in capri

The Migliera Belvedere is one of the three marriage locations in Capri. It is actually one of the most sought-after venues because it offers the possibility to experience the authentic side of Anacapri made of crops, wild flowers and sea. Besides, the Belvedere seems to be designed to host an open air wedding: there is already a small stage with seats.

Let’s not forget the view: we have a view from the above of the Punta Carena Lighthouse as a backdrop for your wedding, towering over the sea like a guardian. On the other hand, a few steps from the square, there is another unparalleled view of the sea stacks. Here, you will have the chance to take some unforgettable couple photos. For the bureaucratic info regarding civil unions and religious ceremonies you can visit the Comune di Anacapri website.


Marriage locations in Capri: make your choice
We have brought you along to discover some of the most beautiful wedding locations in Capri. The list goes on and it’s not over yet. We want you to dream a little longer with the second part which will come soon. Now it’s your turn. Do you still have any doubts? Do you want to know more about where to get married in Capri? Contact us and we will be glad to help you setting up your most important day.