Why entrusting a wedding planner to organize your wedding in Capri? Because you want your most important day to be a masterpiece. Besides, let’s talk straight once and for all: the wedding is the most anticipated day to celebrate your love, so why not delegating the most complicated issues to other people and enjoy a stress-free celebration with all your energies?

Yes, with a good wedding planner (there are two of us) you will be able to check off of your to-do list time-consuming tasks such as selecting the restaurants for the wedding reception, looking for a good photographer, accommodations for the guests, creating an original tableau de marriage, and catering service for the reception.

But this is not all. There also are bureaucracy matters to sort out, sending out invitations, organizing transfers, flower arrangements and backdrops, choosing the musicians and the best wedding locations in Capri; all these issues will no longer give you a headache because we will be your eyes and hands.

We will listen, interpret and customize the wishes and ideas of the groom and bride-to-be. We love to establish a trust relationship and a continued discussion. Do you still have some concerns? Well, doubt is the motor of knowledge. Let’s find out why you should choose a wedding planner in Capri. Let’s get into it!

Getting married in Capri is easier when the wedding planner knows the island

You either have never seen it or you have had the opportunity to visit Capri and fell in love with it. You just had to quick glance at each other do decide that the most beautiful island of the Mediterranean Sea would become your altar to say the most important ‘I do’ of your lives.

But how can you take care of so many different things if you live in another place or if you live abroad? Trying your luck with some contacts randomly found on Google is not the ideal solution.

The risks with improvising is that you might end up disappointed and slow down the fulfillment time for the ceremony. How? By making useless phone calls and, in the worst case, taking useless trips.

And you don’t want to start over again, right? It is better to take advantage of a wedding planner in Capri who knows the territory well as well as the professionals operating in the wedding industry.

Direct relationship with the local wedding professionals in Capri

We can take care firsthand of the business relations with suppliers and other local figures revolving around the organization of a wedding in Capri. We live the island every day and we know everything about it; that is why we will be able to suggest reliable and meticulous local professionals.

The most beautiful locations in Capri for your ‘I do’

But there’s more. Besides the wonderful churches, if you prefer a civil ceremony wedding or a symbolic wedding, we can suggest you the most beautiful panoramic locations in Capri that are well-suited for the kind of celebration you are envisioning.

For instance, do you dream of a fairytale wedding with a royal and refined style? A wedding in Villa Lysis is the perfect option. If, on that hand, you dream about a wedding on the sea with the sunset as background for your vows, then you can take a look at the Punta Careno Lighthouse in Anacapri. If you want to find out more, take a look at our article regarding the most beautiful wedding locations in Capri, and make your choice.

And this is not all. Based on your guidelines, we will also go scouting to define spaces, accommodations for the guests and the schedule with the main moments, such as the arrival of the bride, the exchange of the rings and vows, possible speeches by the witnesses etc.

Knowing how to move around in Capri

Besides, will also evaluate how to coordinate transportation with the spouses. This way, you will be able to get to restaurants, hotels, churches, external locations for the ceremony in the best possible way and based on the needs of relatives and friends.

Do not forget that most of the island is a no-car zone. There are also other reasons to choose a wedding planner in Capri. Let’s move on to the next paragraph.

What to do in Capri if it rains? How to prevent wedding inconveniences

Here’s why you should entrust a wedding planner for your wedding in Capri: they will be able to face any inconvenient without upsetting the spouses. On the contrary, difficult moments can turn into resources and, without you even realizing it, we will be your guardian angels.

On the other hand, we believe in positivity and we like to always look at the bright side of things. And there is nothing a careful planning cannot do. The secret of a stress-free wedding is being always one step ahead and this is something that worthy wedding planners know very well.

Here is another question we are often asked by the future spouses: “Where to get married in Capri if it rains?” This is a legit question if the ceremony and the reception will take place outside, and it’ spring or autumn. The solution is always to choose a venue with an indoor hall or with the right equipment for covering the area.

Wedding photo shoots under the rain: when pictures become poetry

We can also turn rain into a scenography element, something poetic to reflect the intimate soul of the island. A few ideas? Providing the spouses and the guests with elegant umbrellas in theme with the wedding. Items that can turn into romantic and chic accessories for the wedding photos. Same goes for summer showers.

Other reasons to choose a wedding planner in Capri:

Any other wedding inconveniences to solve with the help of a wedding planner? We will take care of entertaining the guests: from accommodations to suggestions on what to do in their spare time (day trips or boat trips). With us, every guest will feel pampered.

Then, we will make sure the Aperitivo will take place at the right time as well as the music that will accompany all the major moments. Let’s not forget the table service during the wedding reception: we will check and make sure everything is perfectly organized, neither too slow nor too fast.

You can rest easy, your wedding rings will not get lost or forgotten somewhere and the bride will never arrive before the groom-to-be (yes, that is a possibility). In conclusion, we will take care of all those tedious things and complicated task that may make you get to the party tired and upset.

After all, this is just what a wedding planner is for, taking care of all the chores and let you enjoy the most pleasant aspects of organizing in a wedding in Capri, such as choosing the wedding menu, the party favors, the clothes.

Wedding planner: yes or no to save some money?

“Do you really save money with a wedding planner?” This is one of the never-ending doubts in the minds of the spouses and rightfully so: organizing a wedding in Capri requires some substantial amounts of money, even if a lot depends on the type of event, the number of guests and the knowledge of different realities operating on the territory. Here’s why, when asked the question (how much does it cost to get married in Capri?) We always answer with “it depends”. First, we have to interpret and actualize your proposals, then we must optimize the available budget eliminating the risk of going over it.

Between the lines above, there is one of the main reasons why you should choose a wedding planner in Capri, we will help you keeping expenses low without giving up on quality. For this reason, thanks to established relationships, we will propose expert and selected suppliers for the necessary services offering a wide array of possibilities and interesting prices.

Why choosing a wedding planner in Capri?

We will support you in organizing the perfect wedding without overlooking any aspects, from the major things to the smallest detail. Our goal is to allow the future spouses to live their most beautiful day without a care in the world, turning your biggest dream into reality. Do you still have any doubts about why choosing a wedding planner in Capri? Leave us a comment below.